Meet Jack

Over the years I have worked with a wide range clients, from the eminent designer Geoffrey Beene to the ASPCA. My approach is to build a collaborative relationship with clients and art directors, creating elegant photographs of classic simplicity. As part of this, my studio provides pre-and post-production, assistance with casting, and retouching services.

My introduction to photography was as an assistant in an old style catalogue house where I served my time in the dark, processing 8x10 black and white film as fast as it could be uploaded from the view camera. It wasn’t too different from the earliest days of photography - not much had changed in 100 years.  Fast forward to today: when a client and I are standing at a computer screen, monitoring shots in real time.  Meanwhile, an iteration of my younger self in a modern “darkroom,” retouches as we go in order to meet an immediate deadline.  

But the photographer’s eye, good relationships with clients and a can-do attitude to challenges, both artistic and technical are still the foundation of my business. The last 30 years have seen a revolution in photography, as well as nearly all aspects of our lives.  I’m excited and constantly energized to be part of that ongoing revolution while always thankful for the basics I learned in the pre-digital era.

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